22/23 Participants

Meet HER|Tech

Women Founders Cohort 2022-2023

Krølltopp AS by Lalla Coulibaly

Eleanor Johnson

Alina Lapina

Alina Lapina

Živilė Virkutytė and Gabrielė Šabūnaitė

Živilė Virkutytė and Gabrielė Šabūnaitė

Christine S. Paulsen

Johanna Rivera

WIld and the Moon

Ann Morgan Ayah


Mariana Bassani

Art Rewild

Krølltopp AS by Lalla Coulibaly

Krølltopp AS is a platform for curly and afro-textured hair that provides marketing services, and educational services for the curly hair community. It is founded by Lalla Coulibaly. With Krølltopp, Lalla and her team want to educate and create awareness of the different curly hair textures and how to manage them. She works to ensure that children and young people with curly hair see themselves represented, feel pride in who they are and their roots and get inspired to embrace their natural hair, no matter how they choose to wear it.

Love Stories Publishing and Flowers Consults by Eleanor Johnson

Eleanor Johnson is a British researcher, writer and artist based in Oslo. She is founder of two companies:

Flowers Consult: A user experience research company that helps digital innovators get crystal clear insights into user behaviour. Flowers Consults has helped tech companies such as Bumble execute custom-tailored user experience research that paves the way for innovation and design magic. With expertise in research communications, Flowers gives you access to the best-scientific behavioural research out there and tells the user story in ways that will inspire the whole team.

Love Stories Publishing is a Web3 publishing house poised to unlock new modes of publishing and monetizing short stories and poems. With international poets, writers and artists at the heart of the Love Stories cooperative – Love Stories is a platform for creatives to produce visionary living books to delight users and to own their royalties in the process.

Checked Block by Alina Lapina

Checked Block is an IT consulting company founded by Alina Lapina, a cybersecurity professional and software engineer with more than 10 years of experience in IT. With Checked Block, Alina will provide education, consulting, and security services with a focus on blockchain technology applications.

Less Stress by Živilė Virkutytė and Gabrielė Šabūnaitė

Živilė Virkutytė and Gabrielė Šabūnaitė are the founders of Less Stress, an innovative online mental health platform connecting individuals with specialists who provide personalized support and tools for improving mental wellbeing, productivity, and systemic integrity. Less Stress provides a comprehensive and holistic solution for mental wellness with a focus on interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration.

Živilė is a dynamic entrepreneur. She also runs a podcast dedicated to promoting mental wellbeing. She is a certified yoga teacher, has a background in somatic therapy, and is experienced as a trauma-informed leadership coach and artist. Živilė has devoted the last three years to exploring the importance of addressing all aspects of wellbeing – emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual – in the trauma healing process.

With a master’s degree in Leadership for Sustainable Development and a Bachelors in Business Management and Administration, Gabrielė has spent over 12 years working on international projects at organizations such as Amnesty International, OXFAM, The ASHA Foundation, and the NIS Foundation, where she has served as a project manager, consultant, and finance advisor, applying her skills to important issues such as mental health, peace building, design thinking and sustainability. 

To further her expertise, Gabrielė has been studying under world-renowned trauma and socio-psychological experts such as Thomas Hubl, Gabor Mate, Rupert Spira, Sarah Pyethon, and Bärbel Rott since 2016.

Nend by Christine S. Paulsen

Nend.no is a B2C rental platform for sports and leisure equipment. It is founded by Christine S. Paulsen. Nend aims to reduce overproduction in the sport and outdoor equipment industry by meeting the gap between customers and retailers and by leveraging on the growing appetite for sustainability and sustainable rentals.

Wild and the Moon by Johanna Rivera

Johanna is and the founder of Wild and the Moon is a holistic women’s health educational platform that supports women in making conscious decisions about their health by educating them about their bodies and cycles. It is founded by Johanna Rivera, a holistic women’s health educator, with an M.Phil degree in International Community Health from UiO. She’s a Board Member of PCOS Norge, a patient advocacy group and has over 10 years experience in international women rights advocacy. Before working with women’s health, she spent 8+ years working in the pharmaceutical industry in project management positions. She holds a M.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a BS. in Chemical Engineering.

WIld and the Moon

Pick Your Pour by Ann Morgan Ayah

Pick Your Pour is a SAAS product for the service industry. It is an interactive cocktail menu for bars, restaurants and hotels with a full list of classic cocktails, training for the staff and a menu builder. It is founded by Ann Morgan Ayah. Ann has 20 years of experience in the service industry as a waiter and bartender.

Art Rewild by Mariana Bassani

Artist and environmental activist.


Mariana Bassani is the founder of Art Rewild, an Art Platform showcasing beautiful and exclusive Environmental Art and helping Rainforest areas to Recover.

Connecting Artists, Rainforest conservation projects and art buyers.